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New York has the Statue of Liberty and Paris, the Eiffel Tower. In days gone by there were the 7 wonders of the world. But how many of those wonders made anyone laugh out loud? Zip. Not so with California's 21st Century monument. The Cardiff Kook leads the pack as he breaks stuffy tradition with all those other megaliths! We think that's what makes the bronze "Magic Carpet Ride" statue, magic.

Welcome to the Kook Calendar site. The "Magic Carpet Ride" is a sculpture that was funded locally in the city of Encinitas and sculpted by the accomplished and talented Matthew Antichevich in 2007. The $92,000 bronze is a magnificent work of art, from the surfboard to the anatomy to the stone pedestal. But back in 2007 when it was unveiled, local surfers were not please with the effeminate pose of the young man attempting his first ride on a wave. Being that "Kook" is a surfer's term for someone who can't surf, "Kooky" and the "Cardiff Kook" became it's natural nick-names.

It's been said that like a younger brother being teased, the work of art became the object of various costumes (from fashionable to outlandish). When the cover of darkness fell, guerilla tailors had fun with it. After numerous pictures were taken of the various garbs, the collection of the better outfits made an awesome calendar in 2011 that became very popular. 2500 1st editions were sold out in just 5 weeks. Collectively with the 1st and 2nd editions, many thousands of dollars went to local businesses; a California printer; Uncle Sam; Fill-A-Belly; the National Breast Cancer Foundation, and some lunch +money was left over for me and a sales rep.!

The 2013 2nd Anniversary Kook Calendar is finally here so order now before
we run out... And we run out every year !

The Kook Calendar makes a great gift featuring Cardiff-by-the-Sea's (and perhaps So Cal's) most famous and most photographed landmark. The SAN DIEGO MAGAZINE recently praised "100 works of art to see before you die!" and Kooky was #1! Thanks to all the generous sponsors of the Magic Carpet Ride Calendar and especially Gerry Sova of Captain Keno's for making last year's 2nd Edition of the "Magic Carpet Ride Gets Dressed" possible. Thanks to YOU too!


Fred Caldwell